From:  Nootan Ghimire <>
Date:  09 Jan 2014 19:41:40 Hong Kong Time

Extending the App-in-a-box event!


Hello Mozilla Reps,  (and Firefox Students),

I am a Firefox Student Ambassador, and would like to host a event similar
to App-in-a-box day, but has some additions in it.

What We (Myself and the team), plan to conduct a week-long training on Web
(HTML/CSS/JS) targeted for freshmens,

The modal for the event would be:

Day One: [Introduction]

   - Introduction to Mozilla Community, Firefox Student Ambassadors
   - Introduction to Mozilla, Firefox, and Open Web
   - Introduction to Firefox OS
   - Introduction to Webmaker
   - Day 2 Agenda Discussion.

Day Two: [The Basics]

   - Introduction to HTML/CSS/JS
   - HTML 101 . [Basic HTML elements, Document Model]
   - CSS Basics. Introduction to styles. Way to use CSS
   - Sample Project: HTML/CSS (in FFOS)
   - Assignment Projects / Introduction of Day 3 Agenda

Day Three: [The Basics  II : Intermediate CSS]

   - Introduction to CSS. Intro about CSS3
   - Individual Projects on HTML/CSS (A bit advanced) (for FFOS)
   - Interactive sessions. Ask-what-you-don't-know
   - Introduction to Javascript.

Day Four: [The Basics of Javascript]

   - Revision of HTML/CSS
   - The Document Object Model
   - Javascript Syntaxes
   - Sample Example Project
   - Simple Assignments / Discussion of Day 5 Agenda

Day Five: [Javascript]

   - HTML/CSS/Basic JS Revision
   - The Web in Action. (Intermediate Examples using HTML/CS/JS)
   - QA Sessions / Feedbacks and everything

Day Six: [The Firefox OS]

   - Introduction. Using FFOS in phone/browser
   - Using your Web App as a FFOS App
   - Conversion of all previous projects and assignments to FFOS Apps.

Day Seven: [The Party]

   - Swags/Certificates Distribution  (if possible).
   - Feedback Collection.
   - Mozilla Club's Introduction.
   - End of The Event.

My 2 cents: It will be a great event because we are also teaching people to
learn the web as well as getting contributors for the mozilla community.

I would be glad to know what you think about this event, and lets start
tweaking this event!


Nootan Ghimire

Firefox Student Ambassador (and a Mozillian)

Mozila Nepal