From:  Vikas Burri <>
Date:  29 Dec 2013 05:00:31 Hong Kong Time

Fwd: FSA-[Important]


Hi all,

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.Hope many club leads are here in
the mailing list.We had two issues with the FSA program
1)Welcome Mail
2)Open Badge
The Open badge issue was fixed and we are left with[1] issue. Inorder to
fix it I am planning to have a Database of Ambassadors who didn't receive
e-mail after registering with the FSA program in the given [link]
below.Please share this mail to who ever Club Lead, Ambassador who didnt
recieve welcome mail and kindly ask them to fill the form[3].
Any suggestions ?


Thanks in advance
Link :


Best Regards
Vikas Reddy Burri
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