From:  Nootan Ghimire <>
Date:  09 Aug 2016 14:11:00 Hong Kong Time

Re: Congratulations Roshan for being selected to Participate in Firefox L10n hackathon in New Delhi!


Missed some information, Oops! :)

There are four people attending the hackathon from Nepal:

a) Surit Aryal - Big time localization Contributor, Rep, Localization
coordinator in Nepal.
b) Saroj Dhakal - Who has helped with his knowledge about linguistics and
helped on improving the quality of Firefox localization. He is also a
energetic localizer.
c) Avash Mulmi - One of the Founding Members of Mozilla Nepal. Co-ordinates
community activities. Big time contributor in Firefox OS l10n.
d) Roshan Gautam - Big time Firefox Localizer, RAL, One of the Selected Top
10s in previous localization sprints.


On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 11:43 AM, Nootan Ghimire 

> Hello all,
> It is my pleasure to announce that Roshan Gautam, a regular contributor to
> Mozilla, Mozilla Nepal and Firefox Localization has been selected to
> participate in the upcoming Mozilla Localization Hackathon happening at New
> Delhi on September 24 - 25.
> He was selected on the basis of his quality contributions in various
> Firefox Product Localizations and his contributions to Mozilla Community in
> General.
> He is also one of the Regional Ambassador Leads who oversees Firefox
> Student Ambassadors in his region.
> Keep up the Good Work!
> ~Cheers,
> Nootan Ghimire

Nootan Ghimire