From:  Nootan Ghimire <>
Date:  03 Aug 2016 14:37:12 Hong Kong Time

Re: Request to be coooranizer of Dev Tech Day V4.0


Hi all,

Just to clarify some stuffs.

In the heart of Mozilla community, we never intend to impose any
restriction to Volunteers/Contributors of Mozilla and Mozilla Nepal.

This means that we cannot force anyone in our community/network to do
anything that they do not want to and since being co-organizer of Dev Tech
Day implies we NEED to force a number of people to attend the event. As it
is clear, these clauses contradict and is the main point which restricts us
from being a co-organizer.

I also want to bring to attention that if any volunteer wants to take lead
and be a co-organizer, they are free to do so, we welcome their effort! We
do not define any comfort zones whatsoever and give the volunteers liberty
to do what they deem correct as long as it is aligned to open source

~Thank you

On Mon, Aug 1, 2016 at 12:50 PM, Allen Tuladhar  wrote:

> Thanks for your email Surit jee.
> That is fine if you cannot commit the registrations from your community.
> We think we will have enough participants, looking at the way how things
> are going. We only wish you to reach out to any community that you have and
> inform them and show them the value for being part of this community event.
> We are keen to engage with all the technical community user groups of
> Nepal and benefit the user community of Nepal rather than saying this is
> Microsoft, this is Mozilla, this is Google. At the end of the day, the
> members will and are crossing over from one community group to the other
> and we are all working to share knowledge and information with the
> community.
> We are extending our hands and arms to partner coming out of our comfort
> zones for the benefit of our user community. I hope even though we have
> different platforms, we can still work together.
> Looking for your response.
> Thanks and regards,
> Allen.
> From: Surit Aryal []
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> To: Allen Tuladhar 
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> Subject: Re: [Mozilla Nepal] Request to be coooranizer of Dev Tech Day V4.0
> Dear Allen ji,
> Thank you for your email. But we can't promise particular number of
> attendees as you stated in this event. We can't do so because we don't
> control any member in this (Mozilla Nepal) community. One has right and
> full option to attend or not any event.
> But there might be interested members who will be willing to come to the
> event. I hope the email posted by you will act as an invitation to them to
> attend individually.
> Sorry we can't attend this event as an organization because of the problem
> I have stated above. I hope you understand.
> Thank you.
> With Regards
> Surit Aryal
> Mozilla Nepal Representative
> Open Source Enthusiast
> 2016-07-31 14:59 GMT+05:45 Allen Tuladhar>>:
> Hi:
> Greetings from Microsoft Innovation Center Nepal.
> We are planning to organize Dev Tech Day V4 in Nepal this year on August
> 18, 2016 and would like to invite your organization to be coorganizers in
> this event for the community, by the community.
> I am enclosing herewith the details of the event in the concept note.
> What does being co-organizers mean?
> Signage: Once we get the confirmation, your organizations name and logo
> will appear in all the communications, banners, posters, etc for this event
> as co-organizers.
> Costs: We are not expecting our co-organizers to have to spend any money
> for this event and are not looking any financial contribution.
> Participants: To make the event effective, we need a good number of
> participants. We expect your organization to promote the event extensively
> thru your networks and to contribute a minimum of fifteen (15) participants
> attending the event. People can register at this site:
> Since this is a community event, we expect
> everyone (including the organizers) to register for the event.
> Speaking Opportunity: If you or any member of your community group would
> like to speak, kindly do send us the topic and details of your presentation
> to>. We will get
> back to the speaker about whether the said presentation is feasible or not.
> Inauguration session: We are planning to have a keynote and a panel
> discussion at the inauguration session and would like to request you (or
> another lead member of your organization) to be part of the panel to
> discuss what is required for the development of the technical user
> community of Nepal.
> Kindly do let me know if you have any further questions.
> I look forward to your partnership in this event and hopefully this could
> lead to many more events in the future.
> Thanks and Regards, Allen.
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