From:  Avash Mulmi <>
Date:  28 Jan 2016 11:07:07 Hong Kong Time

International Data Privacy Day 2016


Hello Everyone,

You may have noticed some chatter that this month is the Privacy Awareness

Well, today is International Data Privacy Day and we're going to be asking
people to update their software to give them the latest security and
privacy features. Here is a wiki
 with a bit more information.

If you run a regional Mozilla community social channel or want to get
involved, here are some of the messages we will be using:

   1. Today is International Data Privacy Day and Mozilla reminds you to
   update your software because it can help protect your own security and
   privacy online and the health of the Web.

   2. All we want for Data Privacy Day is for you to update your software.

   3. Up-to-date software is less vulnerable, which means there’s less of a
   chance for malware and viruses to get on your machine and then infect
   others. So take a moment to update your software today. The Web will

We will have a landing page which I will share when it's live.

Here is the raw file
to this badge
that you can use or translate for your region. And of course, feel free to
retweet, share or design your own content to celebrate this day!

We will be using #PrivacyAware and #DPD16 for campaign hashtags and most of
the activity will come from @Mozilla and @mozillaIN on Twitter and
our Facebook pages.

Please let us know if you have questions or ideas for engaging content for

Avash Mulmi
Open Source Enthusiast

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