From:  Erika Owens <>
Date:  08 May 2014 05:31:54 Hong Kong Time

Curious about hosting a Knight-Mozilla Fellow in 2015?



Just wanted to make sure you knew that we are currently looking for news 
partners to host Knight-Mozilla Fellows during 2015. We've updated our 
website with guidelines of what is involved with hosting a fellow:

If that sounds of interest to your news organization, please fill out 
this form 
by May 12. We'll be holding office hours on Friday. If you'd like to 
discuss any questions with us, please reserve a spot for a chat:

2015 will be the fourth year of the Fellowship program and we're really 
excited to continue to build upon the great work news partners and 
Fellows. In addition to hosting a Fellow, there are many other ways 
OpenNews supports and collaborates with news organizations, so please 
take a look at our news partner page 
( and let us know if there's 
something we can work on together.


Erika Owens
Program Manager, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews | @opennews
skype: erikao12 | @erika_owens