From:  Erika Owens <>
Date:  13 Mar 2013 22:00:09 Hong Kong Time

Community call in ONE hour



We are chatting today in an hour, at 11am EDT (3pm GMT). We've got a 
very full call planned:

With less than a week to enter this round of the Knight News Challenge, 
we'll learn a little more about the Challenge from Chris Sopher of the 
Knight Foundation. We'll also find out more about Tabula, a tool to 
liberate data in PDFS. Chris Keller will tell us about projects he 
shared non-verbally on a call a couple weeks ago. Plus, we'll hear what 
the Knight-Mozilla Fellows have been up to.

Hope you can make the call, but if not, check out the notes on the 
etherpad after. And as always, if you have any suggestions of topics or 
improvements on the call, please let us know.


Erika Owens
Community Manager, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews | @opennews
skype: erikao12 | @erika_owens