From:  Muhammad Syafiq <>
Date:  23 Aug 2012 17:03:13 Hong Kong Time

Project NeMo (Bahasa Malaysia)


Hi everyone,

If anyone interested doing article or localize open source related articles
and be part of contributor for Project NeMo ,
You may ping Dwaraka, Chit, Deb or joining their mailing list as well.

NeMo is short for *News Mozilla*. This project is aimed to increase
awareness around Mozilla and other open source activities. By creating a
database of educational articles and submitting them as contributed
articles to local publications around the world, we hope to educate users
about Mozilla, its products and the benefits of open source software.

FYI, for those localized article may publish as well in our official
community website -

Have a nice day!


محمد شافق بن مذلي
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mazli
my blog! 
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