From:  wira <>
Date:  22 Nov 2011 18:58:10 Hong Kong Time

Re: Big thanks for your support in Mozilla Camp Asia 2011


Thanks to you Syafic for selecting us (As volunteers). Let us build this
community and show the world what "Harimau Malaya" (Malayan Tiger) can do
to support Mozilla. Ngggaaaaaauuuummmm....!!! (Tiger's roar)

Samsuddin Wira
Nickname : wwiras

On Tue, Nov 22, 2011 at 4:40 PM, Muhammad Syafiq

> Hi everyone,
> Firstly, i would to say big thanks for all volunteer for helping in
> Mozilla Camp Asia 2011. I understand that Mozilla Malaysia Community is new
> and need few thing to learn more.
> You guys done great job as assigned task in the event, i would like to
> invite you all to join us, Mozilla Malaysia Community as Malaysian
> Mozillian!
> Please subscribe our mailing list Mozilla Malaysia Community Mailing Listand Mozilla
> Malaysia Community Facebook  for
> futher plan or you may join to contribute our first project in Mozilla,
> localising Firefox in Bahasa Malaysia and come to share idea with us if you
> want to contribute in many various way for Mozilla.
> I am sure you guys have great time and many knowledge we learn from the
> event and perhaps will work together again and expanding our community soon.
> Don't forget to ask your friend to join us if they have same interest and
> may to collaborating with us!  Let we expanding the community with new
> Mozillian!
> Thank you,
> Best Regards,
> محمد شافق بن مذلي
> Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mazli
> @syafiqmazli
> my blog! 
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