From:  Chit Thiri Maung <>
Date:  19 Sep 2012 17:28:43 Hong Kong Time

Re: Diving into Mozilla Communities session at MozCamp: Next Steps


Hi Leo

I just want to ask question about processing stage on Drupal! Is that put
on the etherpad?

On Sun, Sep 16, 2012 at 6:24 PM, Leo McArdle  wrote:

> Hey all!
> Sorry about the slight delay to getting this out there, school has been
> keeping me insanely busy, and I attended a SFD event yesterday, which I
> had to help organise.
> Anyway, here's my type-up of the session at MozCamp, and what we now
> need to do. Feel free to start other etherpads for discussion of
> specific elements, and file bugs (and do be sure to put a link to them
> on the type-up).
> Thanks!
> Leo
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