From:  shine nelson <>
Date:  28 May 2015 03:25:13 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla Kerala T-Shirt Contest


Mozilla Kerala is here with yet another contest. We need you to design a
t-shirt for our very cool volunteers who are doing amazing things in
Kerala. Use your imagination and bring some great designs for us to wear.

   - Design submissions maybe made in *PNG* format. Email your submission,
   along with your name or alias, to
   - If selected, the design artwork must be submitted in *EPS, PDF (or any
   other vector art) format* – if the file size is over 10MB, upload the
   file to Dropbox (or any other file-sharing platform), make sure it is
   shared publicly and can be downloaded and email the link to us in the above
   email .

If you have a particular t-shirt color in mind, please include it in your
email as well. We can’t guarantee it will be printed on a shirt of that
color, but it will help to know what the artist intended.

   - Community voting will decide the final design.
   - The criterion to consider:
      - How well the design represents the community
      - Visual appeal
      - Uniqueness
      - Whether the design would look good on a t-shirt
   - The best designer gets cool Mozilla Swags ♥

Read more about the contest, the guidelines and rules in the blog post[1].
~ shine

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