From:  Sylvan Ash <>
Date:  19 Jan 2017 16:33:49 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla Kenya 2017 Strategy meeting


Indeed. It would be awesome (and fun) to be a bit more active this year.

Sylvan .D. Ash

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On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 10:22 PM, Dennis Ndegwa  wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Let me begin by thanking each and everyone for being a part of this great
> community and contributing to it in special different ways. We would not be
> a community without the dedication of the many.
> We need to keep the fire burning. While 2016 did not have much activity
> outside of DSO (yearbook
>  _AuDWd5UNPyDJA/edit#slide=id.g1bd9a33162_0_17>),
> we can turn things around and make this year even better. There are several
> projects that we could choose to concentrate on to make sure that we keep
> the community active and on the map. Here's an example
> This is why it is crucial that we have a meeting before the end of this
> month Jan 2017 to brain storm and forge a way forward. Here is a doodle
> that was created to try and get the best date to hold such a meeting.
> Please leave your feedback. Do not ignore. Looking forward to meeting all
> of you soon and having a productive year ahead.
> Regards,
> Dennis Ndegwa
> Mozilla Rep
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