Date:  15 Jan 2014 03:16:52 Hong Kong Time

ePub v3 vs XUL Runner vs SM (iPad lament)


Well, it seems to have happened with win8 & droid. The XUL Runner type app being the app used in development. Truthfully, it doesn't surprise me being a long time user of XUL apps both independent and integrated within the browser.

What I was wondering and wanted to see happen is a full convergence rather than a poke here and there. XUL, ePUBv3, mhtml, cbz, and well you get the idea I hope. They all run similarly with CSS, JS, and HTML5 or some version of HTML. Having used the Gutenburg project, mobi when they were around, and amazon, B&N, and google play I have noticed the way things are developed, what languages used, and how things are controlled.

I would love to see a version of SM for iPad but mostly I would like to see SM take over this convergence and be the progenitor of a new convergent and adaptable system. Having many eReader apps, publishing apps, and file management apps that all kind of do the same thing yet with little or no adaptable quality similar to the adaptable nature of SM. They of course are designed to barely share and additionally the apps update as a whole rather than with a central app and different addons one can use, adapt the app with, and possibly creating apps within the app. The closest I have is an app called document by readable. They aren't pursuing this line of development. SM can do most of these things if not all of them easily and if not it can be adapted. Just no iPad version.