From:  Michael Kohler <>
Date:  30 Aug 2015 21:38:21 Hong Kong Time

Re: Meeting with German community


Hi everyone

The goal here is to talk about the current status of the Community and
to create a "Country profile", which means finding out who works on
which areas, how many people do we have, etc. With this information we
can see where we could and should spend resources by other teams on

Please fill out the following doodle (disregarding Nuke's timetable) by
Wednesday evening:

The most efficient way would be to do this on Vidyo, I think we could
manage to stream it for everyone who doesn't like Vidyo and could
establish a backchannel for this.

Feel free to reply here (and keep Nuke CC'ed), if you have any questions.


Am 27/08/15 um 15:15 schrieb Rubén Martín:
> Hallo alle ;)
> How are you doing?
> For those who don't know me, I'm Rubén
>  and I've been involved with the
> Mozilla community since 2004, specially running and working with the
> Spanish community and now I'm working as staff for the Participation
> team  inside the Reps/Regional
> group.
> One of the team goals for this quarter
> is to be more efficient and support better communities. Germany is in
> our top priority list and I'm in charge of driving this effort.
> That's why I would like to set up a meeting with all of you next week
> (or the following one) to have a conversation about the community and
> help you think about ways to align and improve.
> This is my time availability for the next two weeks
> . Once you have decided which is
> the best day/time for most of you, please let me know. If none of the
> listed options work for you, feel free to ping me and I will adapt.
> (Michael has volunteered to help me fix a date :P)
> Looking forward to meet you all!
> Cheers.

Michael Kohler
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German-speaking Mozilla community - 
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