From:  Martijn Weisbeek <>
Date:  20 Apr 2015 04:06:41 Hong Kong Time

Re: Community day


Tim Maks,

Thanks to you too for organizing this again !

It was a nice long day full with everything Mozilla and good fellows...

Met vriendelijke groet,


Op 19 apr. 2015 om 21:48 heeft "T.M. van den Broek"  het volgende geschreven:

> Hi all
> Thank you for all for the great and inspiring day! Some off you i din't say good bye at the station, sorry. Ihope to see you soon.
> Tim Maks
> P.s next event is the NLLGG meeting where we have a booth and Martijn will give a talk. See the website for the times and date.
> Verzonden vanaf Samsung-tablet.
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