From:  Matt Thompson <>
Date:  20 May 2011 00:27:55 Hong Kong Time

School of Webcraft Product Manager applications


Hi, John and Erin (and everyone)

Just wanted to remind you:
If you know of great candidates interested in applying for the School of Webcraft Product Manager position, 
please please please ensure they submit their application here:

Product Manager, School of Webcraft 

We're having a bit of a problem in that interested candidates are simply forwarding their CVs to us via email.
We cannot accept applications that way. It's crucial that applicants fill out the web form.

The application doesn't have to be perfect. We just need to ensure their names are in the system.
Otherwise, we're worried that great potential applicants will get left out.

Mentioning this to you guys specifically because you've both done an awesome job of sending great applicants our way.
Just want to make sure those applicants submit through the form asap. Can you maybe follow up to remind them?


Matt Thompson, 
Chief Storyteller & Education Team Lead
Mozilla Drumbeat 
blog:   twitter: OpenMatt