From:  "Bogomil \"Bogo\" Shopov" <>
Date:  11 Mar 2011 21:07:47 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla video translation - take 2


On 03/11/2011 12:49 AM, Brett Gaylor wrote:
> Hi, all!  Thanks for the translations that came in so early - Universal
> Subtitles is such a great way to visualize collaboration.
> However, it still needs your help.  When I originally posted the video, I
> had not added English transcription to the entire video - this was because I
> did not want English text over English voice. I've since learned that this
> is currently a limitation in Universal Subtitles - one needs the transcript
> to add the additional language, and it isn't possible to turn off languages
> that you only want heard.  There are lots of good reasons for this, and
> their development team is discussing best practices in this area.
> At any rate, I've added the remaining English transcriptions, so in fact if
> you added a language, you'll see that it is only partially done
> I also had to delete a line or two, so there may be some re-translating that
> has to happen.  Sorry!
> This video will be used in a few places, and Universal subs has a cool
> feature that allows you to associate more than one file with a translation.
> Very cool.
Done (bg locale)
> Thanks again, and would appreciate any new translation work - particularly
> in German since there will be an early translation of the page this will
> live on.
> Cheers!
> brett
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