From:  Henrik Mitsch <>
Date:  08 Mar 2011 07:26:49 Hong Kong Time

Re: Please help translate a video about Mozilla!


Awesome video.

I subtitled the first 30 seconds in English and translated it into German.

If somebody could help with subtitling and tagging in English I can 
continue with the German translation tomorrow.

Best regards,

On 07.03.11 22:53, Brett Gaylor wrote:
> I just finished a video that attempts to explain "what is Mozilla?" - it was
> a fun way to meet a lot of Mozilla folks and I think captures some of what
> the organization is all about.
> It would be great, however, to get some subtitles on this video!  It would
> be particularly nice if some German friends could take a pass, as we'd like
> to use this video as part of the upcoming "Join Mozilla" campaign that is
> launching in the next ... few hours I think :)  I know the site will be
> translated into German immediately.
> Would really appreciate any help from the community.
> Kind regards,
> Brett