From:  Mark McCarron <>
Date:  30 Apr 2013 09:22:57 Hong Kong Time

Feature Request - Counter-Espionage Visual Indicator



This email has been sent to both 'dev-apps-firefox' and 'community-digital-freedom' mailing lists as it is applicable to both.

As everyone is aware we are increasingly being observed online by governments all over the world.  To date our best approaches have been to attempt to raise awareness through media and even online protest.  I am proposing a new approach.

Let's scare the crap out of major businesses and leverage their power with governments to curtail this loss of freedom.

I propose that a visual indicator be displayed in Firefox when a person accesses a site within the legal jurisdiction of a nation that performs monitoring.  The indicator would be a thick flashing red border (RED ALERT) around the page with the words 'ESPIONAGE WARNING' printed clearly.  If clicked, it would take the person to a page that explains the issue and advises avoiding the service until the issue is corrected.  

Further, there should be an amber version (AMBER ALERT) for nations intending to implement such a service.

The sudden drop in traffic and the education of millions of internet users would soon change things.

Can I have opinions please?


Mark McCarron