From:  Majken Connor <>
Date:  10 Dec 2013 02:33:16 Hong Kong Time

Planning meetings


Hi all,

I know the list has been quiet. I've been approaching different teams who
have a stake in the Dev Derby to get their feedback and interest in
participating with the Dev Derby - how can we make the contest more
effective by serving more teams?

This discussion has led to some talks about changing the Demo Studio itself
(where the contest submissions live along with other demos not submitted to
or not eligible for the contest). Which is really great, but that is also
making progress on reviving the contests a little slower.

We are starting to have regular vidyo meetings and we'd really like those
of you who committed to helping lead the contest to join in these meetings
(and others are welcome of course).

The meetings will be every other Monday at 18:00 UTC and the back channel
will be #devderby (please hang out there!)

As the holidays are coming (for North America) we'll have the next meeting
Thursday Dec 19 at 19:00 UTC

We also have some tasks we can carry out asynchronously, I'll address those
in a separate message. Please reply if you intend to make the meeting on
the 19th!