From:  Luke Crouch <>
Date:  05 Sep 2013 06:04:55 Hong Kong Time

Re: Should we move to foundation - Webmaker Level 2?


+1: Projects like Thimble and Popcorn lend themselves to running 

-1: Demos are really *really* good resources for developers exploring 
new technologies.

We will visually incorporate and highlight demos into search results in 
our ongoing work with Elastic Search.

As for the competitions ... ideally more folks from across the community 
could organize and run the competitions. Could we do a single 
Webmaker-run competition on MDN as a pilot?


On 9/4/13 4:50 PM, Les Orchard wrote:
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>> From: "John Karahalis" 
>> Sent: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 5:10:33 PM
>> Very good question. What differences would result from moving the contest to
>> the Foundation?
>> Craig, Les, or Luke can speak to the initial goals of the project and our
>> choice to make it part of the MDN brand. FWIW, there is a trend to
>> consolidate rather than decentralize developer-facing resources around
>> Mozilla (tentatively called the Developer Program project). This might be
>> the primary disadvantage of moving it further from MDN.
> As I understood it, the original goal of Dev Derby was to get more content in the Demo Studio. And, the goal of Demo Studio was to have working demos of web tech. From there, we've long planned to work references to the best demos into MDN documentation.
> So, ideally, it's meant to be a virtuous cycle: Docs -> Dev Derby -> Demo Studio -> Docs -> (repeat). But, I can't say that we've ever effectively closed that loop.
> If we dropped Dev Derby from Demo Studio, we'd lose the biggest incentive to submit to Demo Studio. Then, we might as well retire the Demo Studio from MDN as well.
> If someone else (i.e. the Foundation?) wants to manage a collection of demos with derby-style competitions, I would hope it could be easily referenced from MDN documentation. One less thing for us on MDN to worry about maintaining.
> With regard to apps, the Demo Studio is currently horrible for Firefox OS apps. It was born well before the age of modern open web apps, and is mainly aimed at cross-browser demos on the desktop. We'd have to rework it quite a bit to make it decent for app-based demos & competitions.
> With regard to the Developer Program - yes, we're trying to circle the wagons and offer a more unified experience to developers. I don't think this *requires* that we have everything on the same site (i.e. MDN). But, spreading across more sites & teams means more complications in guiding developers through what we've got on tap at Mozilla.
> Still, I can see where Dev Derby and Demo Studio looks more Webmaker-y than MDN-y. Might make sense to pass the torch, especially given that Webmaker has more tools like Thimble to actually, you know, make web stuff.