From:  John Karahalis <>
Date:  05 Sep 2013 05:10:33 Hong Kong Time

Re: Should we move to foundation - Webmaker Level 2?


Very good question. What differences would result from moving the contest to the Foundation?

Craig, Les, or Luke can speak to the initial goals of the project and our choice to make it part of the MDN brand. FWIW, there is a trend to consolidate rather than decentralize developer-facing resources around Mozilla (tentatively called the Developer Program project). This might be the primary disadvantage of moving it further from MDN.

John Karahalis 

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> Subject: [Dev Derby] Should we move to foundation - Webmaker Level 2?
> The answer to this will also partly depend on why the contest was under MDN
> in the first place. In some ways we're a natural fit - building demos is
> more advanced than the Webmaker hacking. Though it does loop back to MoCo -
> building FirefoxOS Apps is the natural progression from building demos.
> So where do we fit? Where could we fit? I know Student Ambassadors also
> have a monthly app contest, I have reached out to Kate Naszradi to discuss
> it, but I need to follow-up. Are there any other similar efforts with the
> marketplace? I see a great opportunity to have a marketplace app category
> in the contest (this is of course related to the format question) if this
> is where we fit.
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