From:  Shafiul Azam <>
Date:  29 Aug 2013 11:17:08 Hong Kong Time

Re: Where do we want to take the Derby?



I think one topic a month is a good option and this can stay. Developers
need time to develop something fruitful, and one month is good enough for a
demo-sized application. In fact, I think it's perfect!

About prizes, I'll again like to see Fx OS devices as the first prize, if
possible. Prize is a huge motivating factor, so first prize should really
be attractive, nowadays there are contests everyday, so a big prize will
help devs to decide on which contest s/he have to spend more time. We can
also give away digital certificates to all who attended.

About sub-contest - I'm not clear about the idea...

Hoping to hear from others.

On Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 6:07 AM, Majken Connor  wrote:

> Questions from the Etherpad
> What are our goals? (Should we change the goals?)
> - Since I'm starting this simultaneously with the "where have we been
> topic" let's build out what we think the goals should be, then compare with
> what the goals have been.
> What changes do we want to make to the format?
> - Should we change from one topic a month to quarterly?
> - What prizes should we give away?
> - Should we have sub-contests?
> ["Here's a big one: Should we live under the Foundation umbrella, Webmaker
> level 2?" - Will create a thread specifically for this question.]
> I expect this one will spark the most discussion! Please don't hold back!
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