From:  Majken Connor <>
Date:  29 Aug 2013 08:00:16 Hong Kong Time

Where the Derby has been


Here are the questions from the etherpad. I think this discussion will
really be more of an interview with John Karahalis ;)

What were the goals of the Dev Derby?
- John could you provide any specific goals, like quarterly goals, or
mission statements from when the project was launched?

Why was it under MDN?
- This might be answered by the goals, but was MDN just a sort of best
place for it at the time, or did it bring specific attention to parts of

What were its successes?
- Again will relate back to the goals, but we already have some answers on
the etherpad, like it brought attention to MDN (do we have any relevant
stats?) and that some people were even hired after submitting to the

["What was involved in running the Derby?" was also in this section but I
will split this one into its own discussion]

Please add your own sub-questions on these topics, or follow-ups on the
answers already given!