From:  Shafiul Azam <>
Date:  11 Aug 2013 00:39:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: My plan!


Idea/goals mentioned above looks great. Idea of Dev Derby workshops also
sound fantastic. But was a bit disappointed seeing that we'll be giving
away phones, I would like it if we can give Fx OS phones as prize. Prize is
a huge factor... since developing wonderful apps require great amount of
time and prize is a definitely a big motivating factor. I think we should
think of attractive prize, if giving away a phone each month is not

I'd prefer mailing list discussion to any other alternatives!


On Fri, Aug 9, 2013 at 10:50 PM, Majken Connor  wrote:

> Alright, here's my rundown on what I'd like to do, feedback wanted!
> 1. What's changing?
>          * MoCo no longer running contest
>          * DemoStudio will still be maintained
>          * Contest will be community run (volunteer group of volunteers and
> employees)
>          * Contest to relaunch in October, first contest month will be
> November
> 2. Let's talk about what the Dev Derby has been
>          * What were the goals of the Dev Derby
>          * What was involved in running the Derby
>          * Why was it under MDN
>          * What were its successes
> 3. Let's talk about where we want to take the Dev Derby Contest
>           * Should we change the goals
>           * What changes do we want to make to the format
>           ** We do need to change the prizes, we will no longer be giving
> out phones every month
>           * Here's a big one: Should we live under the Foundation umbrella,
> Webmaker level 2?
>           ** Several factors to consider, first being why contest was under
> MDN initially
> 4. Let's brainstorm on what we can do to enhance the contest and make it
> more successful
>           * Dev Derby Workshops
>           ** These have been getting traction in Toronto, let's start
> having them everywhere
>           ** World Tour (Launch activity, will cover later)
>           * Getting the winners more involved in the contest
>           * More mentoring for participants!
> 5. Next Steps
>           * Reach out to more volunteers to join us
>           * Start developing the relaunch plan
>           * Start assigning tasks
> I've copied this into an etherpad so you can leave feedback under each
> point.
> Here's the question for you guys. How do you want to get started on these
> discussions? Should we start with a phone/vidyo meeting, or should I start
> these conversations here.
> I'm a heavy believer in using the mailing lists. Between timezones and
> accents it's just more convenient and inclusive, so even if we choose live
> meetings to catch each other up and stay on the same page, we'll still use
> the mailing lists in between meetings. I have a rule - nothing can go on a
> meeting agenda that hasn't been brought up in the discussion forum first!
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