From:  Gauthamraj Elango <>
Date:  20 Jan 2014 02:39:11 Hong Kong Time

Need info about Crafting Kit


Hai Sabina and everyone ,

I am Raj from India ! It was great meeting some of you people in person
during CBT work week , especially Sabina :-) I really enjoyed doing craft
work with hammer and stuff . I wish to thank Sabina for that.

I am planning for a Hive event next month. With majority of participants
being kids , it will great to have a craft station for some craft station.

So , Sabina can you share me the follow details ?

1. Name and Cost of the KIT
2. Name and Cost of chains and metal buttons ( to craft )
3. Will it be possible to get in India ?
4. Asking this out of curiosity , what are we aiming to achieve from this
activity ? ( Answer as Participant and well as station host )

Thanks so much in advance !

Cheers ,