From:  Rachel McGuigan <>
Date:  11 Jul 2017 02:26:25 Hong Kong Time

!Hola! Can you help me with a few Support Community Questions?


Hi there,

My name is Rachel and I am reaching out to say hello and to check in to see
how things are going in kitsune, after we moved the Mozilla Support forums
from the Lithium platform back to Kitsune.

Most of you have participated in Spanish speaking contributions in SUMO in
the past year and I had a couple of questions that you can help me better
help you in the future on the Kitsune platform for the rest of this year.

   1. Where are we directing users to ask questions about Firefox and
   Mozilla products?
   ? It looks like both, so I was wondering if we can sync up and make sure we
   are pointing users in the right place.
   2. How many questions do you guys get in a given week around the Firefox
   release, and in a week? Does it depend?
   3. Are there any product or community resources you would like to share
   with other communities? One of the discussions we had in the San Fransisco
   All hands was that
   4. If so, please add them here
   5. What would you say is the state of your community? Do you organize
   meetings or collaborate in an irc channel?
   6. Where can we find you online?
   7. Are there some suggestions that you would like to add for community
   members to do?

PS. Please let me know if I should be typing in Spanish, I am happy to
accommodate! I am learning a little Spanish, so I can try my best!

Support Community Manager

irc: guigs
telegram: @rguigs 
twitter @guigs_mozilla