From:  Geraldo Barros <>
Date:  02 Jun 2018 10:04:16 Hong Kong Time

How healthy is the Internet at Chile?


Hola Chile community’ Mozillians!

The Internet is an ecosystem that billions of people depend for their lives
and livelihoods. It adapts to our behavior and actions from one end of the
globe to another. Every year, the Internet gets healthier in some ways and
unhealthier in others. Getting the balance right is what we need for the
Internet to be a resource for good.

*So what does it mean for the Internet to be healthy?* And how do we
measure progress and setbacks? That’s what the Internet Health Report
 is all about. By engaging you and a
community of key thinkers on defining Internet health, we want to generate
better understanding of what the world can do to make the Internet

This project was initiated by Mozilla and combines Internet research and
public comments from around the world towards the publication of an annual
report. The 2018 Internet Health Report
 is *our compilation of research
explains what’s helping and what’s hurting the Internet across five issues,
from personal experience to global concerns*.

To make the Internet healthier, *we need more people to understand and care*
– and then take action. We hope the report can help you start conversations
with others about how to build a healthier Internet, together. We invite
you to take this report and *copy, repurpose, embed, debate, download,
share*, and write about it… or anything in between! We publish under a
Creative Commons-Attribution license (CC BY 4.0
) to encourage reuse.

*Here are three ways to get started*

   - *Discuss stories in this report.* Change starts with action, and
   actions start with reactions. After you read an article, choose an emoji to
   share how you feel. Then pop into the comments to see what people are
   saying, and add your thoughts. Please keep our Community Participation
   in mind!
      - *Are you ready for the next MozCoffee?* Organize a coffee with
      community members for 2 or 3 hours to read, discuss, comment,
debate, leave
      comments, reactions and take action.

   - *Share your favorite stories.* Pick a story or chart that fascinated
   you and send it around to your friends, or on social media. Look for the
   ‘share’ buttons at the bottom of each page.
      - Use your community blog and social media accounts to engage the
      Chile network into the Internet Health Report

   - *Host a conversation in your community.* We’ve developed lots of
   materials  *(most of
   them available in Spanish)* to help make this easy, including a slide
   deck *(spanish)*
   and a guide to hosting events
      - Do you have events near you? Call for papers near you?
      Universities, collectives, activists, hackerspaces? *Host a group
      discussion now!*
      - Big tech events around? Submit a talk or a debate/dialogue! We've lots
      of materials  to
      support you! Needs more support? More resources? Training? *Please,
      get in touch.*

*Hungry for more? Want help getting started? Let me know how I can help


Geraldo Barros
Internet Health Global Community Committee
@geraldobarros_ / @mozilla