From:  Majken Connor <>
Date:  13 Mar 2013 07:17:48 Hong Kong Time

Re: New Event: Open Web Open Mic


Apologies, the pad is now set to public. I always forget!

On Tue, Mar 12, 2013 at 11:51 AM, Majken Connor  wrote:

> Hi all,
> Regnard and I are going to be running a new type of event in Toronto, and
> we could use everyone's input (and we'd love to see a duplicate event run
> in Vancouver!)
> The format is something like a Pecha Kucha night mixed with a MozFest
> style Science Fair. There would be about an hour of presentations, where
> individuals/teams would get 5 min to present however they like on what
> they're doing with/for the Open Web. They can be looking for feedback,
> hoping for collaborators, or even just promoting their business. Anything,
> so long as it is related to the Open Web. The purpose of the night is to
> help connect the Open Web community in Toronto, so there will be blocks of
> time for socializing before and after the presentations. During that free
> time people can set up Science Fair style demos for attendees to see hands
> on with what's going on  in our area.
> The goal is to help the local community stay informed on what Mozilla is
> working on, as well as making Mozilla the hub for people in Toronto working
> with and for the Open Web (let's count how many types I type that in this
> email!!)
> I've started an etherpad based on what Regnard and I have discussed so far
> -
> We also need an employee sponsor. Mark Surman is supporting the event, but
> he won't be there. As the emphasis is Open Web it would be great to have a
> Foundation host.
> Please jump in and let's make this happen!
> -Majken "Kensie" Connor