From:  Majken Connor <>
Date:  18 Sep 2012 06:49:24 Hong Kong Time

Re: BC Community


Hi Regnard,

I believe Emma is looking to start off with a blog, like we have. Could you
set that up for her? Per our conversation she'd like
bc.mozillacanada.orgrather than something city specific.

Looking forward to seeing more action on the site! We should put something
up at that aggregates content from the different

On Mon, Sep 17, 2012 at 6:42 PM, Emma Irwin  wrote:

> After a discussion with Majken over on the Webmaker list, it seems
> appropriate that we setup a subdomain for BC  (of which I am wiling to own
> as Moz Rep in this area)  .
> Thanks help with this moving forward,
> -Emma
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