From:  Guillermo Movia <>
Date:  18 Dec 2015 01:46:02 Hong Kong Time

[Important] 15 min of action #4MyMozCommunity


Perdón por el inglés, pero imposible que lo traduzca al portugués. Si
alguien quiere ayudar con eso, bemvindo:

Dear all,

The Reps and Regional team at the participation team have been working
to empower and support regional communities better. We have launched a
couple of projects that we think can really help your community to
unleash its potential.

We need your help to make these projects work! That’s why I’m really
asking your active help. With just 15 minutesof your time you can make a
great contribution to your community. Here’s how:


    [5 min] Community Survey: Fill the community survey
    that will populate the community Dashboard
    for Q4. This is crucial to learn about your
    community. All information is anonymous and it takes just 5 min!


    [2-5 min] Community timeline: Help us populate a super cool
    community timeline with your planned initiatives/events projects.
    Just fill a simple form and see how the
    community timeline
    fills. Help your fellow community members and Mozillians know what
    you and the rest of your community are doing!


    [10 min] Community Yearbook: find a Rep and work with him/her  on
    filling the community yearbook . Let the
    Mozilla world know what your community is doing!

Join us, take action and inspire others on social media by sharing your
action, use the hashtag #4MyMozCommunity
. The
more Mozillians in your community you can mobilize, the stronger we are!

Looking forward to seeing all the amazing things you’re doing and your
communities mobilized!

Let us know if you have feedback, comments or questions.

Rock on!


Guillermo Movia
Community Manager LATAM