From:  Till Schneidereit <>
Date:  28 Nov 2015 07:18:47 Hong Kong Time

Re: Mozilla Tech Weekend: Starting tomorrow!


On Fri, Nov 27, 2015 at 9:45 PM, Florian Merz <> wrote:

Dear fellow Mozillians,

Tomorrow, on Saturday the first part of the Mozilla Tech Weekend will take place. We will start at 11:00 at Kulturkantine ( Please take a look at that link, it can be tricky to find the entrance but there will also be signs.

As you know this day will be all about talks. So this is our agenda:
- Mozilla: A brief introduction
- Firefox OS - Why we exist
- Servo: Mozilla's Parallel & Safe Next-Generation Browser Engine
- Data reporting at Mozilla
- What’s new in Firefox
- There will be some food and chatting afterwards.

Tomorrow you can sign up for the workshops on Sunday. If you cannot make it on Saturday but are interested in the hands on part on Sunday just stop by, we will manage. Additionally, to make things smoother we will have some USB drives with a dev environment for people that are interested in Rust/Servo development. If you want a copy bring your laptop or your own USB drive. For other stuff like Firefox OS hacking a copy of Firefox Developer Edition is enough (

Said dev environment, in the form of a 1.4GB checkout of the Servo repository and all its dependencies, can be found here:

I guess if you download it from there, you could also just clone the repository, but this is still quicker and, slightly, simpler. Or you can use the USB drives we'll have tomorrow.

In addition, you'll need to set up your machine to have all the prerequisites in place, following this guide:

Windows support isn't there yet, sorry about that. It will come soon, though:

See you All tomorrow,