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Date:  15 Nov 2015 21:49:24 Hong Kong Time

Re: Summary of the 8th meeting


    Hi everyone

This looks like solid pre-event planning, well done!

I can definitely help out with Michael's session. Anything else you'd need me to do?


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Am 15/11/15 um 09:45 schrieb Florian Merz:
TLDR: At least take a look at the action items at the bottom. And spread the word!

Summary of the last meeting:

We talked mostly about the workshops on Sunday. The Sunday will roughly look like:

11:00 - doors open -
11:10 - introduction and splitting into groups -
11:30 - sessions (in groups)-
12:30 - AMA (ask me anything) -
13:30 - food and chatting -
14:00 - sessions (in groups) -
15:00 - slowly shutting down -

I think we all agreed that we will be flexible depending on what the people want. We have 3 rooms, so we can do up to 3 sessions in parallel. One idea was to basically do the sessions twice, so people can attend combinations of sessions. We will have at least 2 sessions:

- Servo/Rust by Till
- Addons for Firefox OS by Michael

We will see if we can/want to do more but we decided to prefer quality over quantity. People to ask would be Axel, Tim and Georg (see action items). And in general it would be great if a couple more employees/long-term-contributors can attend.

Someone on meetup asked if we could record the talks on Saturday, unless someone comes up with a better plan we will use my GoPro :)

If anyone needs some flyers to distribute, there is a stash in the office. Just stop by and ask.

Action Items:
Michael: poke Tim if want’s do a workshop or just show up on Sunday
Michael: bring (or kindly ask you girl friend) some flyers to the Factory
Stefania: See if you can get some flyers to Soundcloud
Markus: Flyers to Beta Haus and a lot of meetups
Mario: ask Alex about blog post (this is already done, thanks!)
Florian: prepare USB sticks

Please reply I you have comments of if I forgot something.


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