From:  Valentin Schmitt <>
Date:  11 Jun 2016 01:08:59 Hong Kong Time

Report on communication and event tools



Here is a report with recommendations for the Mozilla Berlin Community.
It focuses on communication and events.

## Communication Channels
### Talk and get in touch

- Orga team Telegram group (invitation only)

I recommend a public instant messaging channel, accessible to anybody to
ask questions and get in touch easily.

### Information

- The blog

Recommendations: Ask Mario for access. Make time in meetings to choose
updates about the Mozilla Berlin Community activities to publish here
and on the …

### Social Networks
Ask Mario about credentials for all these.


See also:


### Event communication/organization:

- For other events:

## Upcoming events
### Mozilla Berlin Community organized events

- Mozilla Tech Weekend: IoT Edition (2-3 Jul)
- Take advantage of the tech scene excitement in Berlin in September to
organize an event around the 17 Sept?

Recommendation : define areas where we are the most excited to build,
project we want to launch and/or contribute to and plan events
accordingly. Get closer to our friend organizations, hackerspaces, tech
companies in Berlin to work and organize with them.

### Mozilla Berlin Community to participate to …

- View Source Conference (12-14 Sept)
- Codemotion Berlin (24-25 Oct)
	Being organized with Francisco Picolini

Recommendations: Have an etherpad (or something else) to drop
interesting links and do a regular review in meetings.

See you soon,

Valentin Schmitt
Community Coordinator
IRC: ens0
GitHub/Twitter/Telegram: @ensowhat