From:  Anthony Maton <>
Date:  12 Apr 2016 23:23:05 Hong Kong Time

Re: Belgium Community Building Meeting #1


Helllo Ziggy,

I'm definitely looking forward to that Community Building Meeting.
I was in Paris last week and Mozilla is cooking so many new things, we
could do a great lot of activities.


2016-04-12 12:11 GMT+02:00 Ziggy Maes :

> Good afternoon all!
> I’m really sorry for having taken so much time to start and set-up the
> first CB meeting after Fosdem. Been really busy with school and work, and
> been abroad as well.
> Anyway, let me firstly describe the purpose as to why I’m coming up with a
> meeting proposal. I’m not sure who’s actually subscribed to list
> mailinglist, nor if there’s still a lot of active community members. So let
> me just do a quick briefing.
> At Fosdem it became apparent to some of us that there’s a growing interest
> to have another community gathering/meetup in order to launch a community
> effort to not only increase the activity of our existing members, but also
> to start recruiting new people. Since we met a couple of people showing
> interest and living in the Ghent area, where I’m from, it was decided we
> should act on this. I’ve set up a meeting proposal to talk about our goals
> and options to organise such a gathering, here’s the Doodle[1]. If you’re
> interested in attending this initial meeting, which should take no longer
> than 30 minutes, please do put your availability down in that poll and I’ll
> get back to you with a definitive meeting date and time.
> Once I have the timings, I’ll forward you all the agenda.
> Thank you once again for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day!
> Best regards
> Ziggy
> [1]
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