From:  Benoit Leseul <>
Date:  22 Apr 2014 02:06:04 Hong Kong Time

Fwd: [Dutch Mozilla] Mozilla @ Haxpo - volunteers needed!


Bonjour tout le monde,

Lors de ma visite à Utrecht pour le meeting MozillaNL, on m'a parlé
d'un évènement à Amsterdam qui pourrait être intéressant et pour
lequel ils recherchent des volontaires, en particulier pour le 29 mai.
Je ne sais pas encore si je serai disponible, mais je ferais bien le
voyage ce jour-là.

Si des gens sont disponibles pour aider les participants du Hackathon
Firefox OS ça pourrait être pas mal aussi.

À bientôt,

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From: Paul Theriault 
Date: Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 4:27 AM
Subject: [Dutch Mozilla] Mozilla @ Haxpo - volunteers needed!
Cc: Gary Kwong , "T.M. van den Broek"


Mozilla is planning to sponsor the Hack in the Box Security Conference
& Haxpo event happening from May 28-30, 2104. We are planning to:
        • Sponsor and participate in running a developer competition
(“HackWeekDay" see [1])
        • Run a Mozilla booth (hopefully run by staff and community)
at the associated HITBSecConf & Haxpo [2] conferences

The Mozilla security team is regularly involved with HITBSecConf in
Amsterdam, but this time the conference is aiming to reach a much
large audience. So in addition to just being involved in the
competition, I was hoping to run demos & promote Mozilla projects at
booth that are relevant to the general public, not just the security
people. I’m open to suggestions, but I was thinking demos of projects
like Web Maker, Open Badges, Firefox OS and encourage participation in
the local Mozilla community etc. Perhaps there are local Mozilla
community projects or activities that you think we should be promoting

So mainly I’m looking for volunteers to help organise and/or help run
the Mozilla booth at this event. Most importantly we need:
- help running the booth (Most importantly on May 29th, which is the main day)
- help recruiting developers for the HackWeekDay competition (or
register yourself!)
- supply local knowledge ! (I’m based in Sydney, Australia, and I have
never been to the Netherlands...)

ACTION: If you can help (especially with running booth!), please get
in touch with me at this email address.



Paul Theriault
Security Manager, Firefox OS

[1]   *

* note that the competition will likely be focused on Firefox OS Apps
instead of the SOS app as described currently on this site
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