From:  Hossain Al Ikram <>
Date:  21 Sep 2016 15:12:24 Hong Kong Time

Invitation to join Working Teams - Mozilla QA: Contributor Engaging Tour, Bangladesh


Hello Mozillians,

As many of you know, we are going to organize "Mozilla QA: Contributor
Engaging Tour, Bangladesh' consisting of 20+ event in next 3 months and
around 40 events in different part of the Bangladesh.

Being one of the major activity for QA, and assuming a massive workload, I
am inviting to join one of the 4 teams, who altogether will execute this
tour in different parts of Bangladesh. All Teams are listed below -

   - Logistics Team 
   - Planning Team 
   - Local Organizer Team 
   - Social Media Promotion Team

There is some requirements in each team, If you think, you have all the
requirements, please comment in your desired team.

Just a note, One can join only one team, so that we can focus fully on each
team, achieving team's success.

The deadline to join a team is 25th September, 12 PM BDT. Hope to see your
responses in github!

Hossain Al Ikram
Mozilla QA Bangladesh Team Responsible.