From:  Sashoto Seeam <>
Date:  06 Dec 2015 23:58:17 Hong Kong Time

Announcement for SuMo contributors of Mozilla Bangladesh


Hello SuMo contributors of Mozilla Bangladesh, 
I hope everyone is fine by the grace of Almighty. After a long hibernation, it's high time we should wake up! Yes, some of us has contributed personally but it's time to act as a community again. So here are some updates:1. Recently we have finished localizing and reviewing 20 out of 20 articles of Firefox for iOS. So clap for us!!!
2. Our new target is updating top 50 global articles.
3. Last and the most important thing is that we have migrated (changed) our communication channel from Facebook to Telegram. Due to recent circumstances and also telegram is a open source software which is available on web and various mobile/desktop app. 

- Pad of the upcoming sprint:
- Join our telegram group chat: Subscribe to our telegram channel: Know more about telegram or download from here:

If you have any query, feel free to ask. You have received this mail because either you are subscribed to Mozilla Bangladesh mailing list or Sumo mailing list, else you have registered on a event organized by SuMo contributors of Mozilla Bangladesh.
Sashoto Seeam