From:  Khalid Zaman <>
Date:  24 Nov 2015 12:47:39 Hong Kong Time

Re: Firefox QA Testday, Dhaka


On Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 9:39:25 AM UTC+6, Hossain Al Ikram wrote:
> Hello Mozillians
> I am very excited to share that Bangladesh QA Contributors is hosting
> Firefox QA Testday Dhaka with all the contributors who do QA from
> Bangladesh. This will be a contributor only event where contributor will
> learn more about contribution opportunities in Bugzilla like Bug Triage ,
> Bug Verification.
> In this event, for the first time, we will sponsor contributors around the
> country (Except Dhaka City) to come to this event with transport cost. If
> you are a contributor and contributing for QA from Bangladesh, please
> submit this form: (We shall contact with you
> by December 1) You don't need to fill it, if you have already done it.
> Exact Venue and more details will be sent in a email with all the invited
> participants.
> The agenda we will work on in this event can be seen from here:
> More ideas from anyone are welcome for this event.
> Regards
> Hossain Al Ikram

A proper initiative step for QA contributors. Hope this Testday will bring more conclusive outcomes in near future. Please do share updates and Keep up the good work.

Khalid Syfullah Zaman