From:  Hossain Al Ikram <>
Date:  17 Sep 2015 15:15:44 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla QA Contributor Engaging Tour, Dhaka


Hello Mozillians
Last few months, our involvement in QA has been pretty amusing. We
have found a good number of contributors from our activity last few
months. We hold 3 offline events and almost 23 online events to
recruit contributors and train them up so that their contribution can
add value to Mozilla's mission and go with the goals of QA Team.

For promoting QA more in Bangladesh, QA Contributors of Mozilla
Bangladesh Community with the support of Mozilla QA Team had been
planning for QA events where we can engage more contributors.

I am very excited to announce that, we will be starting this tour with
5 events where we will try to engage as much contributors as we can!
As of now, We have got interest from 5 University (East West
University, North South University, Daffodil International University,
Brac University, Independent University)

Our QA Contributors have planned roughly for this event, which can be
seen from here :

More updates will be sent to mailing list with individual events.
Wishing your best wishes for making this a success!

Mozilla QA Bangladesh Team Responsible