From:  Mohi Us Sunnat <>
Date:  12 Jul 2015 02:28:33 Hong Kong Time

MozCoffee in Dhaka, 2015


Dear all Mozillians,

On 3 June, 2015, Mozilla has launched the Firefox v38.0.5 with some awesome
features like Pocket, Forget Button, Share this Page. So Mozilla started to
plan a Growth Spring Campaign where the main agenda was *10 Million
downloads of desktop and mobile in six weeks*. This campaign will be
organized through the MozCoffee with the #FoxYeah hashtag. All over the
world, Mozillians are organizing the MozCoffee. In Bangladesh, many
Mozillians have organized MozCoffee in several cities. I have organized  6
MozCoffee events in six different Firefox Clubs of Dhaka with the club
leads.The campaign duration was 25 June to 7 July.

For more Details:



Videos (all are not available now):

Firefox@EWU, MozCoffee in Dhaka-2015

AUST Firefox Club, MozCoffee
in Dhaka-2015 

Best Regards,
S. M. Mohi-Us Sunnat
Reps, Volunteer of Mozilla 

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