From:  Marko Zeka Andrejic <>
Date:  08 Feb 2016 05:21:22 Hong Kong Time

Re: [Reps-General] Apply to become an FSA Regional Ambassador Lead!


It will be hard since students here (Serbia) are not that interested in privacy nor everything that Mozilla stands for. Chrome is domaninat here,'s Google hey, it's the best...sure it is. Plus everyone use Android, so they connect it with Chrome and that's it.

For FSA members I only know me and another member of our community and that's it. We can promote it but I don't expect much calls.

And yea, I've been in FSA program for couple fo months and their system is broken, I mean you have terms for promotions to next levels, but you can't get from beginners as you need proof of beginners badge which you can't get as it is broken, for almost a year. The whole idea is nice, but no one would continu or join if they can't advance somehow.