From:  Frédéric WANG <>
Date:  05 Feb 2012 22:40:15 Hong Kong Time

Re: Arabic Mathematical Notation in Firefox 12


Thank you for your feedback Mohamed.

You're right, I should have say that this work on arabic mathematical 
notation started a long time ago thanks to Azzeddine LAZREK and his team 
of researchers from Cadi Ayyad University:

The RTL markup was finally standardized in MathML3 in October 2010 and 
now going to be included in Firefox :-)

Yes, I was also told that Moroccan people no longer use this notation. I 
think in Tunisia, people are still using the RTL notation, at least 
until high school. The W3C note I mentioned in my last mail [2] gives 
more details, but folks here certainly know more than me about that subject.

As for your question on Firefox on Android, I don't know if there is an 
Aurora version for this platform? Can you tell me which version of 
Firefox you are testing?

BTW, there seems to be a problem with STIX fonts on Android, causing 
grey rectangles to be displayed on your screenshot:

On 05/02/2012 14:54, Mohamed AMAROCHAN wrote:
> Hi,
> That's great news!
> We don't write mathematical formulas in Arabic here (Morocco, Arabic 
> country!). In contrast, the author of this code is a Moroccan!
> Here is an article (in Arabic) about that story: 
> I tested the code, it is rendering correctly.
> But, using Firefox & Android 4, the RTL attribution is not working 
> correctly (still better than other browsers of course), see picture:
> Screenshot_2012-02-05-13-48-27.png
> Mohamed