From:  Ahmed Nefzaoui <>
Date:  26 Aug 2014 00:30:31 Hong Kong Time

[EN] Mozilla Firefox OS Event Invitation



Firefox OS, The operating system by Mozilla, has gone too far in
development and we've been working on improving Arabic language and
Right-To-Left  (RTL) User Interface in it for too long.
Now, for Firefox OS to be ready and launched in Middle East and North
Africa, its Arabic language and its Right-To-Left user interface has to be
completely ready for use. This is why now is the time to test it! And we
need you, Arabic Mozillians to help in the process ( because Arabic
Mozillians know how Arabic interfaces should be :) )
By August 26 we (Mozilla Staff and Contributors) will be hosting an open
Mozilla event online called a "Bug Bash", during the event everyone who
joins us will test Firefox OS in Arabic and if you find bugs, you file it.
During the event you can join us by video (using Vidyo software) or on the
event's IRC channel.
For the event you will need a Firefox OS device or use the Simulator. You
will also need a Bugzilla Account.
*There will also be prizes to win.*
*For more information about the event: *

Share the wiki and the news!
And don't forget the date: Tomorrow at 16:00 GMT/UTC :)