From:  Frédéric WANG <>
Date:  17 May 2012 06:08:37 Hong Kong Time

Arabic Translation of the MathML start page


Hi all,

I wrote to these mailing lists some times ago to announce the new MathML 
bidi support in Firefox 12, which is important for Arabic mathematical 
formulas. In Bugzilla, there is an old bug [1] about translating the 
MathML start page [2] in Arabic, Hebrew, Thai and Chinese in order to 
see how MathML and BiDi/CTL work together. A student recently translated 
the start page in Chinese, so the only remaining language from those 
asked by the initial bug reporter is Arabic...

Similarly to Hebrew, the directionality of Arabic text is right-to-left. 
However, it is also interesting to note that in some countries the 
directionality of the mathematical formulas can be left-to-right [1] and 
in other countries it can be right-to-left [2]. Thanks to the new MathML 
bidi support, it is now possible to display the latter in Firefox 12. I 
think it would be great to have an Arabic translation of the MathML 
start page, using both styles to demonstrate all these possibilities.

Any volunteers from the Mozilla Arabic community to do this translation? 
Or to become a mentor [5] for this bug?



Frédéric Wang