From:  Stephen Wanjau <>
Date:  09 Jul 2013 17:36:42 Hong Kong Time

L10n Meet-up Debrief



I hope you are all well.

The 2nd L10n meet up was held on 7th July at Naked Pizza. There were 7
attendees. We focused on having more reviewers in the Swahili locale to
expedite the translation process with the hope that a Firefox Swahili can
be shipped sooner than later. We also learnt about profiling which allows
users to run more than one installation of Firefox. This is a handy
technique when testing the Aurora version of the Firefox in Swahili.

It was also noted that the Swahili version of Firefox ought to have more
users and downloads so that it can move to the next cycles i.e. beta and
shipping versions of Firefox. To get more users, it was deliberated that
the links to the Swahili Aurora download be inserted on our website and
social media channels.

It was also noted that, the l10ners should leave the Keyboard keys as they
are in English since there is no Swahili Key board. There was also need to
ensure the translations adhered to grammar. Some words that were found to
be longer than usual shall be enumerated on the etherpad at [1] under tough
words for further discussion. Arky also introduced us to Craft Silicon
foundation an NGO which runs several programs which we can leverage on to
further our mission and vision and more so there’s too. They have a bus
fitted with computers which are powered by solar panels and we thought a
web maker event would be great for such an audience.

I hope I have captured everything that transpired at the meet-up, in case I
missed something please add.

All in all it was a great meet-up although I must say it was the least
attended L10n meet-up of all time :(

Best wishes,