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From: Erika Owens 
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Subject: [OpenNews] Now accepting applications for 2014 Knight-Mozilla
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We're excited to announce that applications are open for five
Knight-Mozilla Fellows in 2014
Next year, we will be working with six news partners on three continents
and we're looking for applicants who love to code and want to spend 10
months working on journalism projects.

Our news partners next year are:

 * The New York Times
 * ProPublica in New York
 * The Texas Tribune in Austin, Texas
 * La Nacion in Buenos Aires
 * and a joint fellowship with Ushahidi and Internews Kenya

2014 will be the third year of the Fellowship program and we're looking
forward to building on the great code and collaborations from the first two
years (**53194769392/knight-mozilla-**

Applications will be accepted until August 17, and at just five questions,
it's very easy to apply. So please take a look at the application (**fellowships/apply.html),
apply, and help us spread the word.


P.S. We'll have plenty of opportunities to learn more about the Fellowship,
including during our next community call on June 26. Please do reach out if
you have any questions that aren't covered in our FAQ (**fellowships/faq.html

Erika Owens
Community Manager, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews | @opennews
skype: erikao12 | @erika_owens

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