From:  Oarabile Mudongo <>
Date:  29 Jan 2016 22:39:09 Hong Kong Time

Bi-Weekly Call 29.01.16 Rescheduling!


Hello, Mozillians,

It's always a pleasure to get in touch with you all, and as usual am
reaching out to you all regarding today's call.  BTW we had a fantastic
Leadership Summit just recently, i hope everyone is back home and all set
to get things going. I gave this some thought and felt today's call is VERY
special and important we really need everyone by all means to attend
because we have loads of things to discuss. We had a couple meetings during
the summit and loads of issues where brought in and need to tackle them all
as a team.

Unfortunately due to various circumstances from everyone i understand we
can not all make it through today, may i suggest that we reschedule this
call to tomorrow (30 Jan 2016) 19:00hrs CAT to cater for everyone since
most people are home on a weekend. Any thoughts on this, suggestions are
highly welcome at this moment. Meeting minutes will be taken using this pad
here: and of
course same meeting room.

Hope to hear back from you all soonest.

Oarabile Mudongo
Wikimedia Foundation| Community Liaison
Mozilla Foundation | Community Manager
Botswana, Gaborone
(+267)748-994-86 | (+267)741-313-07