From:  Oarabile Mudongo <>
Date:  10 Dec 2015 22:03:00 Hong Kong Time

Reminder: Bi-Weekly Call: 11.12.15


Hi Mozillians,

This is a swift reminder that our final Bi-weekly call for the year 2015
will be tomorrow (11.12.15) nothing has changed, same time as usual. As we
wrap up our activities for the year 2015, you are free to add your topics
of discussions and below is our agenda and link to join the call:

   - Etherpad:

   - We will use our Skype room as normal (Request to be added if

Please invite other community members to join and above all i hope to see
you all tomorrow.


Oarabile Mudongo
Wikimedia Foundation| Community Liaison
Mozilla Foundation | Community Manager
Botswana, Gaborone
(+267)748-994-86 | (+267)741-313-07