From:  Lawrence Kisuuki <>
Date:  22 May 2015 05:32:47 Hong Kong Time

Mozilla Festival East Africa 2015 (MEA or MozFestEA 2015)



Hope you're well. Last year the Mozilla Uganda community embarked on an
initiative to bring a learning, collaborative and maker experience inspired
by the annual Mozilla Festival in London to East Africa; to use it to
inspire people to create solutions to the challenges East Africa is
currently facing with the help of the web and open technologies.

This year MEA'15 is to take place on July 17th - 19th, 2015 at Victoria
University, Kampala - Uganda. We have broadened our spectrum to include
more participants from Africa, we have partnered with the JamLab team from
Kenya, the MozFest London team, Global Rising Voices, Mozilla Foundation
and a few others to help us plan for an amazing regional event.

We would love help from all the reps and Mozillians in Africa to build
amazing solutions in 3 days; we will have both physical and virtual
participation and kindly request most of you to register (more details on
this will be communicated on virtual participation, including how larger
community gatherings can participate).

Currently we've a very limited budget for travel sponsorship so we won't be
able to take on many but if you're able to acquire travel to the event
we'll do what we can to help when you need us to. We welcome anyone who is
able to attend to submit a proposal for a session or register to attend.

You could become an MEA Hero, these are people who are volunteering to help
us out with the event from wherever they're in the world, even if it's just
blogging about the event, posting on social media or telling people about
our virtual participation. Reach out to us if you're interested, you'll
fill a short form that will enable us to track your contribution and after
the event we'll offer you a certificate of appreciation or badge and our

We need your support, please help us spread the word on twitter
(@mozfestea) and on

Please check the for more information and direct any queries

Thank you.